1. What Will It Cost Me To Get My Franchise Up And Running?

Your initial investment consists of the franchise fee, equipment, leasehold improvements (construction), signage and inventory. A breakdown on the estimated initial costs required to open a Wetzel's Pretzel store is shown. These estimates are exclusive of any consultant, architect, engineer, project supervision, attorney's fees or landlord deposits which may be applicable. The estimates for construction will vary based on a wide range of store sizes, configurations and regional variations in construction cost.

 Franchise Fee $35,000

Equipment $31,000 - $55,000

Initial Inventory $5,500 - $10,000

Construction $40,000 - $250,000

Signage $6,000 - $20,000

TOTAL $117,500 - $370,000

2. What Are The Financial Requirements For Qualification?

Minimum net worth of $200,000 with at least $60,000 in liquid assets.

3. How Do I Select A Location?

The location is very important, Wetzel's Pretzels has an in-house Real Estate Department that is in constant touch with leading shopping center developers and is continually assessing regional mall sites coast to coast. Additionally, Wetzel's Pretzels will retain experienced retail real estate consultants to assist our Real Estate department in specific regional markets. In other situations, such as those in which you identify a site, our real estate team will evaluate the site and help negotiate the lease terms.

4. How Long Does My Franchise Last?

The initial term of the lease will begin on the "Start Date" and will continue for a period of ten (10) years or the length of the lease, whichever is shorter.

5. What Size Will My Store Be?

Depending on the configuration of the site, a minimum of 350 square feet is required, but we have the ability to do kiosks in 200 square feet. The optimum size ranges from 500 - 800 square feet.

6. What Is The Royalty Fee?

Seven Percent, (7%).

7. What Are The Hours Of Operation?

Your store hours will be determined by the hours the mall is open, typically from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., daily, with extended hours during the holiday season.

8. What Type Of Training Is Provided By Wetzel's Pretzels?

You, and your designated manager, must successfully complete Wetzel's Pretzels two week training program which includes classroom and in-store training. Our comprehensive program will cover step-by-step use of the Operations Manual and all the areas important to your success as a franchise owner: equipment layout, inventory management, bookkeeping, equipment maintenance, marketing, quality control, payroll, personnel management and all store operations techniques. After completion of the training program, you will work closely with our trainers at your location for a smooth, efficient store opening. The cost of this initial training is included in your franchise fee. However, you will be responsible for your own expenses for transportation, lodging and meals when you attend our training school.

9. What Assistance Will I Receive In Opening My Store?

Our operations representative will guide you along the critical path leading to your store opening and will assist in the pre-opening period with construction advice, sample plans and specifications for the layout and decor. In addition, your field service representative will be present to assist you during the days prior to your scheduled grand opening and immediately thereafter.

10. What Help Will I Continue To Receive After My Wetzel's Pretzels Store Opens?

You will receive a complete set of operations manuals that will be of assistance to you in the daily operation of your business. Also, newsletters and personal contacts will keep you up to date on new products, operational improvements and new information regarding supplies, equipment, federal and state regulations and promotional items. Your field service representative will visit periodically to consult with you regarding the management of your store and help you with any issues which may be of concern to you.

11. Do I Receive Guidance In Purchasing Products And Supplies?

We have developed a purchasing program through a network of existing food service distribution companies which warehouses and distributes the bulk of your product needs.

12. Do You Have Inventory Control Forms And Other Business Forms To Help Me Run My Store?

A complete package of business forms, designed to enhance the efficient operation of your store, is contained in your library of Operations/Training Manuals.

13. How Is Advertising Handled?

Your participation in Wetzel's Pretzels Ad Fund assures on-going trademark support, creative development and production of point-of-purchase materials, market research, and public relations projects. All franchise stores participate in this advertising fund and contribute 1% of gross sales to the fund. Local store marketing efforts remain the financial responsibility of the franchisee, but an on-going range of media tools is available to you at no charge.

14. Approximately How Long Will It Take To Get My Wetzel's Pretzel Store Opened?

Location is the determining factor. Once a mutually agreed upon site has been secured, construction and setting up your store could happen as quickly as 90 days.

15. Can I Own More Than One Wetzel's Pretzels Location?

Yes. Although it is not mandatory that you own more than one store, many franchise owners do own multiple stores. Multiple store ownership requires additional capital resources and a franchisee will be required to maintain the infrastructure necessary for multiple locations.

16. I Am Ready To Proceed. What Is The Next Step?

Wetzel's Pretzels is attracting a lot of attention, so assure yourself first priority in your market by completing the enclosed franchise application and returning it to us by mail or by fax. The information contained herein is qualified in it's entirety by reference to the Wetzel's Pretzels Uniform Offering Circular.