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Growing up with the name Wetzel meant often being summoned by a typical schoolyard rhyme, “Hey Wetzel, you pretzel!” Over the years, this taunt twisted little Rick Wetzel's impressionable mind. Pretzels became Rick Wetzel's destiny and the quest for a perfect pretzel was born. Wetzel envisioned this perfect pretzel as being not only delicious, but also always fresh and filling, ready on a moment's notice.

So, Wetzel began to roll. He concocted a pretzel mix like no other and worked it into a perfect hand rolled, oven-baked pretzel that would always be served as fresh as possible. How fresh? Well, if someone hasn't given into temptation within thirty minutes, that pretzel will not be sold.

Today, at all Wetzel's Pretzels locations, you will only get a perfectionist's pretzel - hot, fresh from the oven, chewy and chock full of flavor. In fact, you get the same kind of quality with all our products, from our various unique flavored pretzels, to our Wetzel dogs and lemonade.

Visit us at any one of our locations and you can see, smell and taste for yourself the delicious, twisted vision that was brought to life in 1994.

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